Greetings Open at Scale Followers!

It is an exciting time for the development of Open Educational Resources for Ontario’s Nursing community. The Open at Scale project team is excited about an upcoming invitation to participate in Nursing OER development!

Over the next couple of months, we are focusing on the creation and adaptation of short, relevant, high impact Nursing OERs. And, we need contributing authors! Be sure to check our Get Involved page for this posted invitation to participate – COMING SOON!

The Nursing Open at Scale team is also thrilled about the following updates:

  • The Nursing OER Environmental Scan and Final Summary Report, completed by a team of researchers from Western University and the University of Windsor, will be posted to our Documents page in the next week.
  • Emily Carlisle @emilycarlisle07 has joined eCampusOntario as the Open at Scale Editorial Lead,
    She comes to us with former experience working as an academic librarian, where she worked especially on projects related to open publishing, information literacy, and research data management. Emily will support the delivery of Open at Scale products by designing editorial and publishing workflows and providing direct support to teams of authors and reviewers on topics like open licensing, Pressbooks, and intellectual property. She will be instrumental in providing the editorial expertise and momentum the Open at Scale project requires.

Nursing Open at Scale Call for Action:

  • If you are an interested in working to strategize for the systematic promotion and adoption of OER within our Ontario Nursing communities, please contact me about becoming an Open at Scale Nursing ambassador! It would be awesome for the project to gain exposure within your University and College walls and within your Nursing trade organizations

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions/comments or concerns!

Cheers, Lindsay!

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