Greetings! I’m Lindsay!

I am the Program Manager for the Nursing Open at Scale Project at eCampusOntario.

This project focuses on the targeted development of high quality open education resources (OER!) for post-secondary Nursing programs in Ontario – Yup that’s right! If you are a student, educator, nurse, instructional designer, health care employer, librarian or anyone else with a zest for open access resources – you’ll definitely want to follow this blog.

Nursing is such an exciting and dynamic career path for many students across Ontario. That is why the creation and adoption of high impact open education resources grounded in this discipline is just so timely, not to mention totally awesome for students and educators! 

It is here in this shared web space, that we will celebrate project milestones, highlight success and share updates. This work is iterative and I wanted to create a communal space for you to engage as the project moves forward. Don’t hesitate to reach out via our contact page if you have any questions.

Project highlights so far include:  

  • A team of researchers from Western University and the University of Windsor collaborate to existing OER Nursing repository landscape (uncovered 400+ OERs!). Results will be posted on our Documents page as soon as possible.
  • The project team worked with key stakeholders to design the first phase of the project
  • We welcomed two new members to our team – Jennifer Lapum and Oona St. Amant – two Nursing educators with a passion for OER. We are so grateful to have them on board.

Next Steps Include:

  • OER topic prioritization for the Nursing Open at Scale project 

Till we meet again!

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